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Have we gone past the highest point in the market?

Fundamentals aside, it would seem that currently we are moving into the later half of the formation of a market top - as seen from Wyckoffs key points.

Moving forward, the key indicators to look out for will be the signs of weakness [SOW] - which is a combination of a sharp decline in price and significant rise in volume, and eventually, the last point of supply which is typically a retracement of half or less of the SOW sell-off with light or diminishing volume.

Is it time to buy more? Nope.

Has the bear market took over? Nope.

We're still so early into the formation that from a technical standpoint, the trend has yet to be formed. As such, it will be foolish to make a call to buy or to short the market. What needs to be done should have already been done to avoid potential catastrophic losses on a portfolio level.

The next step is to observe - both fundamentally and technically - to decide a re-entry or exit point depending on the direction of price movements, volume, business earnings and economic performances.

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