How To Invest For Your Retirement
Construct, Implement & Manage a funds portfolio
Discover and learn about investing:
  • Philosophies & Principles
  • Strategies - The why
  • Implementation - The how
  • Selecting your investments - The what
About Daniel Lee

As an Independent Retirement Planner, I will tailor a strategy and guide you step by step in areas such as:

  • How to better use your Central Provident Funds (CPF)

  • How to Invest and build a winning portfolio

  • How to find the right Insurance with the best benefit-cost trade offs

  • How to preserve your legacy and transfer it to the next generation

  • How to legally pay lower taxes and save more money

Services Available
Let me do the math for you to save you time and money
Full Financial
Planning & Analysis

Providing you with the answers on:

How to start planning for your children’s education and retirement​?

How much should you save per month and how much is enough?

How to improve your performance and do more with less?

Compare & Find The
Best Financial Product

Now you can filter the market and discover the best:

Health insurances to co-pay your

hospital expenses

Life Insurances to protect your family against unwanted circumstances

Investment Fund to incorporate into your investment portfolio

Our Trusted Financial Partners:

and many more...


Andrew Ong

Engineer Specialist @ SMRT

Without Daniel’s help, I would have ended up paying for another 32 years for my Life insurance a year without knowing.


I appreciate his knowledge, patience and willingness to go out of his way to restructure my insurance portfolio while coming up with a strategy to provide for my family needs and freeing up my cash flow.


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