Andrew Ong

Engineer Specialist @ SMRT

Without Daniel’s help, I would have ended up paying for another 32 years for my Life insurance a year without knowing.


I appreciate his knowledge, patience and willingness to go out of his way to restructure my insurance portfolio while coming up with a strategy to provide for my family needs and freeing up my cash flow.

Daniel is one who is driven by numbers, data, and sound deductive reasoning.


Unlike other advisors, he does not focus on product sales. These traits are exceptionally important for anyone who is looking to plan for your finances and it has helped me trust in his recommendations.  

Dominic Lim

SGIS Healthcare Scholar

En Shing

Supply Planner at 3M Technologies (SG)

Daniel has helped me compare the insurances in the market and selected the best life-insurance to provide for my coverage needs. I will be paying a good $380 more a year for 25 years if I were to just purchase the whole life policy without his comparison.


I am very satisfied with his services and would recommend you to seek his help to compare the market for you before buying any insurances.

Isabella Chan

Senior Analyst at Capgemini

I had the honor to have known Daniel for many years and he is someone who puts in his very best in his work.


Professionally, he is competent, knowledgeable and has a holistic approach to financial planning.


Personally, he is caring, trustworthy, and honest – if there any missteps in your financial journey, he would speak the truth in love.


He is someone who truly listens to his clients’ needs and would tailor a unique solution as he firmly believes that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach as every individual has a different appetite and financial needs.


Never pushy and always up-to-date with market trends and local news, he is definitely the guy to go to for any financial or wealth planning. Do check out his website for fun-sized simple-to-understand financial titbits if you are keen on learning more! Fun guy to be with

Asher Chew

Commercial Banking Analyst

Daniel is meticulous and professional in tailoring a financial plan for what I want to achieve in the near future, where he took the effort to compare products across providers, drawn up three possible scenarios and advised products purely based on my needs/targets. He is mature in his thought process and his experience with portfolio planning and investment really came through during the planning process. In additional, he went beyond and above to look through my father’s portfolio. All in all, a dedicated financial planner who truly has his clients’ interests at heart.

Zhi Liang

Manager at Lucky Khoon Bathroom Studio

I approached Daniel to plan out the details and spell out the options available to me pertaining to my plans to settle down and purchase a property here in Singapore.


It was an absolute pleasure working with Daniel towards the planning of my finances. He thoroughly explained each and every detail and was very patient with all the questions. Even though I have not much income to start with, he treated me the same level of service as you would expect towards a more well-off individual.


I am extremely pleased with the services would definitely recommend you to engage him should you need help in planning for your finances.

Shuan Lim

Engineer Specialist @ SMRT

Unlike other advisors I've met, Daniel provides a clear investment strategy that is tailored to my needs. Daniel helped me narrow down and make sense of the investment options available to me in the market which may take weeks if I were to do it myself.


I would recommend him to anyone who is looking at investing but do not know how to do it or what to consider.

Ken Lu

Self-Employed Photographer

Daniel helped my parents re-evaluate their financial portfolio as well as giving sound advice on appropriate investments. As an IFA, he has also guided me in my financial decisions and given me direction on what's best for me and my portfolio. He is a trusted individual and I would strongly recommend his services.

Daniel Tam

Educator at CHIJ Primary School

Daniel has always catered to my requests in a professional and timely manner.  His delivers a well-detailed and informative financial plan that is suitable to my current conditions. Furthermore, he is adaptive to changes and easy to get along.

Marcus Goh

Self Employed

Daniel is assisting me in the management of my financial portfolio. He is a really meticulous person, who takes the time to do a thorough analysis of my financial portfolio. When it comes to both insurance and investment portfolio management, Daniel provides easy to understand explanations for any novice and doesn’t burden you with the technical jargon.

From my experience working with him, I can tell that Daniel doesn’t believe in a one size fit all approach. Because of that, He approaches every client uniquely, to better cater to their needs. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is keen on maintaining or even expanding their financial portfolio.

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