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How To Invest Safely And Create Your Million Dollar Portfolio 

While everyone inherently understood the importance of investing and growing their wealth, they often end up getting their hands burned in the process due to common investing mistakes such as: 


Overpaying For Their Investments

Instead of buying when the market is undervalued and selling when the market is overvalued. 


Blindly Following The Crowd

Instead of understanding the suitability of the investment instrument and its implications on your financial plans. 

Money Bomb.jpg

Buy & Forget 

Instead of monitoring the changes in the market and its ongoing suitability to the changes in your financial plans. 

As a result, a lot of Singaporeans often end up with poor performances that often set back their financial plans by years. 

Don't be the next sucker!

Here's how you can avoid making the same mistakes that others have made!

3 Step Approach To Investing Safely


Create Your Investment Thesis

Determine what your investment goals are and identify the right target markets that can provide you with the performance you need to achieve your goals.

right instrument.jpeg

Identify The Right Instrument

Determine your investment portfolio's asset allocation and narrow down the right stock or bond funds that are aligned with your investment thesis.


Decide On The Implementation 

Understand the current market condition and determine your approach to implementing your investment plan. Are you going to invest via lump sum or dollar cost average or a mix of both? 

By going through the three steps, you will be able to craft an investment portfolio that comprises only suitable investment instruments designed to deliver the performance you need to achieve your goals while ensuring that your downside risk is mitigated via proper implementation of the investment plan itself.

As an example, here's my investment thesis and implementation plan:

Short Cut Your Investment Journey Today!

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