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Fists in Solidarity

Help a friend or family out &

be rewarded at the same time

We all know that one or two friends or family members who are either 

  • clueless about navigating around their personal finances or

  • need that extra push to get them to start planning for their finances

Now you can help your friends out AND be rewarded at the same time (up to $175/person) by introducing and connecting your friend with me, who is a Certified Financial Planner that can help them with their financial planning matters.

How does it work?

Here's how you can be rewarded up to a total of $175 in cash per introduction while helping your friend or family member improve their financial well being.


Strike a conversation with the people that you enjoy being with and share with them how they might find value in the work that I do. 

If they are comfortable in finding out more about how they can benefit from the work that I do, connect us together by providing me with their contact so that I can reach out to them directly. 

Get rewarded $25 per successful connection that had met me for an introductory session!

Success business deal.jpg

Get rewarded $150 per successful introduction if your friend/family member has decided that we are a good fit and that my services align with what he or she is looking out for!

If they are still unsure, You can also link them to my...for more info!

daniel lee linkedin.png

Here's the type of people who can

benefit the most from the work that I do...


The fresh graduate or graduating friend

who may need help and information in the areas of:

  • finding the right insurance for himself/herself

  • getting started in investing 


The friend that is attached but not married

who may need help and information in the areas of:

  • budgeting and planning for property & marriage

  • understanding the type of mortgage insurance available


The friend who had just started a family

who may need help and information in the areas of:

  • finding the right insurance for the child

  • planning for the children's university education 

  • planning for their own retirement 

Thank you! 

For helping your friends & family improve their financial wellbeing!  

For helping me to reach out to your friends & family


Do let me know if there’s anything I could do for you to make this introduction process a smoother one!

I hope to hear from you soon :) 


Daniel Lee

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