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STOP Wasting Money
On Your Insurances!!!

While everyone inherently understood the importance of getting insurance, they often end up wasting a lot of money during the process of actually getting one due to common mistakes such as: 


Overpaying For Your Insurance

as a result of the lack of market research due to insufficient time or transparency to market information. 


Committing To An Unsuitable Insurance

as a result of a poor understanding of the instruments available due to conflicting information online

Money Bomb.jpg

Buying Too Much Or Too Little Insurance

as a result of a poor insurance planning due to the general tendency to do an ad-hoc instead of holistic planning

As a result, a lot of Singaporeans often end up paying too much for insurance that may not even be suitable to them only to find out too late.

Don't be the next victim!

Here's how you can avoid making the same mistakes that others have made!

Before you commit to a plan, test for...


Sufficiency Of Coverage

Do you have enough coverage

  • to provide for your hospital bills?

  • to provide for your family expenses?

  • to provide for your mortgage?

How will your insurance portfolio coverage behaviour change over time & will it still be sufficient? 


Efficiency Of Coverage

  • are you overpaying for your insurance?

  • are there better alternatives available?

  • are you paying for unnecessary features?

How will your insurance portfolio cost behaviour change over time & are there any ways to reduce your cost? 

By testing for both the sufficiency and efficiency of your existing or potential insurance portfolio, you will be able to and create a portfolio that can provide you with what you need without overpaying for unnecessary features that are, more often than not, just marketing gimmicks. 

Here's what an insurance planning document would look like if done correctly:

Receive Your Own Insurance Portfolio Audit Today!

As a Certified Financial Planner, I will help you test for the sufficiency and efficiency of your portfolio & explain it to you. Schedule an introductory meeting to find out more! 

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You're in the safe hands of a Certified Financial Planner

"I’ve engaged Daniel to plan out my finances and I would highly recommend his services to anyone who needs a trusted advisor. Daniel is professional towards his recommendations; he focuses on my needs and interest instead of hard-selling products."

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"Daniel is a true professional in the field of insurance and financial planning. Having used his services to help manage my life insurance policies and premiums, I can attest that he is highly knowledgeable in the products that he offers and is flexible enough to cater to your individual needs and financial constraints."


"I've known Daniel for 5 years and became his client last year. He meticulously crafted a portfolio for my insurance and savings that was catered to my current financial situation as well as my future plans. There was no hard selling, he was transparent with his selection criteria and allowed me to weigh in my opinions."

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