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I approached Daniel to plan out the details and spell out the options available to me pertaining to my plans to settle down and purchase a property here in Singapore.


It was an absolute pleasure working with Daniel towards the planning of my finances. He thoroughly explained each and every detail and was very patient with all the questions. Even though I have not much income to start with, he treated me the same level of service as you would expect towards a more well-off individual.


I am extremely pleased with the services would definitely recommend you to engage him should you need help in planning for your finances.

Heng Zhi Liang

Manager @ 

Lucky Khoon Bathroom Studio

Daniel is assisting me in the management of my financial portfolio. He is a really meticulous person, who takes the time to do a thorough analysis of my financial portfolio. When it comes to both insurance and investment portfolio management, Daniel provides easy to understand explanations for any novice and doesn’t burden you with the technical jargon.

From my experience working with him, I can tell that Daniel doesn’t believe in a one size fit all approach. Because of that, He approaches every client uniquely, to better cater to their needs. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is keen on maintaining or even expanding their financial portfolio.

Marcus Goh


Draft out a step-by-step financial plan
that you can implement today!
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